Photo shoots, product shoots and film shoots

Nice right all those different atmospheres at our Boutique Hotel Staats! For that reason, the hotel is often asked as a location for a photo shoot. Whenever possible, we are happy to cooperate. Many photo shoots, product shoots and film shoots have already taken place at the hotel.

Spacious rooms and wide corridors

Our different atmospheres are a perfect backdrop; people and products are highlighted extra beautifully. Boutiquehotel Staats' spacious rooms and wide corridors provide enough space for a crew to work in. Still want to make some changes? A lot is possible provided everything is returned to its original state at the end of the shoot.

Food and Drinks

Loading and unloading is no problem at the door. For large productions, the meeting room is often rented as a base for the team and materials. Adjacent to this working space we have the living room where photographers, models and crew can provide their own drinks. Point of attention; as long as the hotel is not completely rented out, this room must remain available for guests.

Will a shoot last longer than a few hours? All meals can be provided by us; breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack? No problem, if agreed in advance, of course.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions depend on the client's wishes and whether there is publicity attached to a production for Boutiquehotel Staats. If Staats is mentioned as a venue or tagged in publications and social media outlets then we can adjust costs downward. Our site shows that we like to share images from film and photo shoots on our socials as well.

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