ESTIDA - interior design

Michel Ruijgrok and his creative team developed the plan for Boutiquehotel Staats.

Spot plan, layout and logistics within the building, room layout, interior concept, atmosphere, colour plan, materials and finishing. A huge job that is never finished. We find it extremely important to keep adjusting the concept to the changing insights and to attune it to the guest's needs. 

ISCENT - that delicious scent

A scent enhances the impressions of your living environment and penetrates your subconscious. 

We find it very important that it smells good in the hotel, and that the care products enhance the pleasant feeling of your stay. Especially for Boutiquehotel STAATS, Iscent has developed a fragrance based on our wishes: intimate, warm, embracing.

The scent is subtly spread in the rooms and has been incorporated into the care line. At the Front office we sell various products with the Boutiquehotel STAATS fragrance, and we regularly receive requests from different sides of the world to send us some of the fragrance products again. We like that so much!

The Good Roll

Awesome...! Making a difference with something as simple as toilet paper? Yes it can.... Our guests are proud users of The Good Roll and with every toilet visit we make the world a little bit better. This by using their 100% tree friendly toilet paper that also uses 50% of their profits to build toilets in developing countries.

Grohe - the power of water

Shower, bathtub, washbasin, toilet; the sanitary facilities in a hotel are extremely important. They have to work and have to be maintained efficiently. And for this reason, we have chosen Grohe. 

Optimally functioning products with good looks!

Grohe is also a great partner for maintenance; as a guest you don't notice anything, and that's exactly what makes the difference.


Actively reducing plastic waste was our first motivation when we contacted the Haarlem-based company Dopper; no more PET bottles of water in the rooms, but a reusable Dopper available for our guests. The tap water in the Netherlands is of top quality, and in addition to this, in the Living Room, we offer a Grohe Blue for filtered and chilled water, still and sparkling. 

Staying several days? Sign up in advance for our Save The Planet programme; no housekeeping during your stay but a free Boutiquehotel State Dopper, not only during your stay but also to take home. 
Staying no more than one night? The cheerful yellow doppers with the State logo are also available at a low price.

Splinterworks - Sculptural Design and Statement Pieces

A bath that hangs between two walls, that's what we wanted! 

We contacted the designer and had it specially brought over from the UK to Haarlem.

Did you know that we made the walls exactly to the size of the bath? 

Do you want to experience this special bath? Book a night in the Presidential Suite and literally immerse yourself in this sensation!

And check out for more spectacular designs.

Porcelanosa - ceramic tiles from Spain

PORCELANOSA Group is a household name in the Spanish and international markets, and its reputation is based on pillars such as innovation and quality. The wide range of ceramic tiles available gave us a lot of options. Naturally, we wanted to use as many different products as possible, so no wonder every bathroom is different.
The patterned tiling in the corridor is one of the highlights, but you should also be surprised by the different tiles in the bathrooms, and what about the bar front in the restaurant. The blue worktops in the bar and kitchen are also made by Porcelanosa, by the way.