Culinary test

Teaching restaurant and trendy combination of modern and vintage

Our in-house restaurant De Ripper is a trendy combination of modern and vintage with an open stainless steel kitchen and atmospheric collector's items on the wall. The design is warm with school influences, raw elements and 17th-century details. A jumble of styles and colors that combine beautifully in this stylish restaurant.

Breakfast is served here on a daily basis and the restaurant is open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday. The restaurant is not open for lunch, we can make an execption for groups on pre-reservation.

In this restaurant youngsters who have fallen out of regular education due to personal circumstances are educated. The young people here follow a training course for hospitality and are supported and helped to get their lives back on track. Logically in this teaching restaurant everything is made fresh and on the spot. Through the open kitchen the visitor has a view of the cooking and training process. This restaurant can boast a long history and has already successfully guided many young people to find their way in society. At the same time, Restaurant de Ripper is highly valued on review sites. For more information, visit

At Restaurant De Ripper, visitors are warmly welcomed, just like in the hotel, and the team is happy to accommodate individual wishes.

Reservations can be made via the website of the restaurant, or through our front office staff in combination with a room reservation.